COMMEND Build-in electret microphone with 0.8 m cable

Productnumber: C-MIC480S-08
Delivery: [?] 15 Business days
Barcode: 7433645791744
Quantity: 1 pieces
Omnidirectional electret microphone for installation in up to 10 mm thick glass or aluminium panels; weather proof (IP53 rating). Colour black. Sensitivity 5.6mV/PA; hypercardioid characteristic; shielded cable.

MIC 480S-08: open cable end, cable length 0.8 m (2.62 ft) version for installation via screw terminal

MIC 480 is specifically designed to transmit voice sound at the usual high quality while guarding against various forms of weather-specific interference. Probably one of the most unfavourable causes of interference is exposure to rain. That’s why the MIC 480 has a distinct shape that prevents rainwater from getting inside. It does so by effectively using the mechanics of surface tension in order to redirect the fluid. Also, the specially designed cavity provides a speech-optimised frequency response that enhances the audibility of the human voice range.
MIC 480 is typically installed on intercom terminals in parking columns, ticket machines or elevator panels, or it is used as a customerside microphone for counter intercoms. This versatility makes the microphone suitable for almost any existing intercom solution and ready for future systems. The large number of units sold over more than two decades is proof of the design quality and reliability of this precision-crafted device.
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